What is this site about

Baratar is an online marketplace where business owners, entrepreneurs and people alike can access details about surplus items, overstock, excess inventory and business for sale in the same time view requests for wanted goods.

Its main aim is to help exchange unwanted items and enable finding of goods that others no longer need - all at zero cost. This site include a complete barter system that allows you to exchange items with other people, or sell items to other internet users. It allows you to search or browse for specific items offered for sale or trade. You can trade any unwanted items from your home or business with others who may have use for them. You can also post requests for items you wish.

Indirectly, barter is the facilitation of B2B transactions without cash. The credits namely Baratars, are used to post ads, purchase goods and services from other members of baratar.com network. Members earn Baratars by providing goods and services to other members. This way, you cut out the middleman, buying goods at cost.

Baratar benefits your cash-flow as it is your business tool enabling you to purchase with little or no cash. Search/browse through the extensive list of categories, find useful items, make offers, wait for the other party to respond by accepting or rejecting your offer, add comments, review your interaction with others, trade, swap and enjoy!

Thus with the minimum effort, you can trade, swap, sell or buy stuff from other people via the internet.

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