About us

A conscious form of sharing over half century experience among its co-founders in international commerce, trading, finance, technology and engineering, Baratar started few years back as a boutique consulting firm that specializes in exchange services for local communities and individuals as well a selective business clientele. Created with the European and American market in mind it operates from two bases to better serve its customers: one in London, UK and the other one in Toronto, Canada. Trending technology solutions, Baratar focuses on several leading markets as tech, education, healthcare and energy. Trading services using mergers, aquisitions, open exchanges and barter among businesses as well individuals and affinity groups on a local, regional and national coverage.

Using a virtual meeting place Baratar connect business owners with their cusmoters and interested participants as well barter enthusiasts while linking people within local communities. Its uniqueness comes from its cost-effective trading medium of exchange for goods and services using commerce and barter principles incorporated into an online platform. Another reason why Baratar is unique it provides for an escrow service that allow for a completely secure and flawless transaction. Baratar promotes verified information to its members incorporating the escrow mechanisms into closing stages of any exchange.

To achieve this Baratar promotes in baratar.com three services:

  1. Baratar Points (Credits) – called "Baratars" - designed for members of baratar.com (traders). They are a mean of exchange where items and services can be valued per user’s choice based on monetary units as well exchange points. Baratars (Credits) allow for listing items on the platform.
  2. Baratar Escrow – designed for all parties involved in a barter trade. It is a specialised account that empowers participants to a direct exchange with fair-trade tools for a safe and secure environment and conditions surrounding the trade.
  3. Baratar Communicate – designed for all participants to a commercial exchange or a barter process. It is a virtual chat-like room inside baratar.com portal where both the owners of a business, a product or the providers of a service on one side and the requesting party on the other side will meet in order to sustain their first head to head dialog for negotiation, presentation and delivery.

Baratar Local can be done solely using own resources or by an external service (specialised company) that will help with this task.

The main benefits of using Baratar are:

  1. Time saving and cost-effective trade; direct and indirect money savings.
  2. Eliminating unqualified information about the members creating a safer environment for direct exchange.
  3. Using a direct approach to the first step in the direct trade; the dialog. 

A forward thinking entity that utilizes in depth knowledge of continuous improvements along with a hands-on approach, Baratar crew assist businesses improve their processes to allow them to become self-sustainable and grow.

Using EBIS (a process of Evaluate > Build > Implement > Sustain), Baratar works as an extra resource with business decision makers to help improve their enterprises performance.

Some said it sprung out of actual economic situation; others that it is a fashion thing in our times. Without dimming any of this we are core dedicated to the cause from a sharing perspective. At Baratar we believe in connecting people and empower them with tools to a better outcome. One such tool is trade. And we are here to promote it to the best of our abilities.

Create your listing and start trading. Happy selling!


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