Help | Edit Profile

To update your profile, click Edit Profile in the top menu of the My Booth section. In the screen that follows select the options you want to update, enter your details and Save the changes.

Update your image

1. On Edit Image upload your photo from your computer or your phone. The image file should be in jpg, png or gif format.
2. To set your image visibility across the site click to Image Setting.

Contact Details
In order to be able to add a sale, a wish or a swap you need to complete your profile.

1. Update your profile on Contact Details and fill in the mandatory forms. The information updated here serves for billing and delivery of goods and services transacted.

Privacy Settings

1. Update your password on Edit Profile in the My Booth section. In the screen that follows select the option Update password.
2. Enter your new password and confirm the change by re-entering the password in the Confirm Password. The two inputs must be identical and will update the new password entered.

Your Preferences

1. Customize your preferences across the site on My Settings. Here you can opt in or out for image visibility, newsletter submit and alerts about the new sales additions.

Account Status
You can change your account status to Suspend or Delete.

1. If you suspend or cancel your account all you activity is available to you at a later date when you decide to re-activate your account with all the options available.

2. In case you decide to delete your account with the entire activity will be erased beyond the possibility to recuperate any of it at all time and your membership with will be terminated. Should you decide to re-become a member of community you can sign up again with a new account.
Be cautious the Delete option is an irreversible process.