Help | How To Add An Item To The Wish List

1. The first member adds the desired item to the 'Wish list' in order to swap with or purchase it by providing the title, description, rate, and photo.

2. The second member who wishes to swap their item can select the first member's listing and make an offer by providing their item for swap and an amount in baratars or currency.
This will update a new entry in his/her 'My Offers' section.

3. The first member receives a new entry in his/her list. They can view the offer and accept or reject it.

4. If the first member accepts the offer he/she will be able to pay directly to the seller (not recommended) or through the platform with an escrow* fee.
If the buyer chooses an escrow fee, the buyer can now pay using a credit card, PayPal, or check/money order**.

5. When the second member receives the amount, they can ship their item to the first member.

6. When the second member receives the first member's confirmation of delivery, the admin will 'Settle the Account' and clear the pending settlement of the second member.

* and ** when available