Help | How To Sell An Item With Baratar

1. The first member adds an item for sale on Baratar in the 'Sale list' after they provide the title, description, rate, price, photo, and shipping charges.

2. The second member who wants to buy and item can select the first member's sales listing to receive all of the related info about the item.

3. Next, he/she pays for the item they want to buy.
The item is removed from the sales list.

4. The buyer has the option to pay directly to the seller (not recommended) or through Baratar with an escrow* fee. If the buyer chooses the escrow fee, the buyer can pay using their credit card, PayPal, and/or Check/Money Order**.

5. The money comes from the Baratar account. The first member can see the amount in their section.

6. When Baratar receives the amount in the settlement, the first user can ship his/her item to the second user (the buyer).

7. When the confirmation from the second user is complete, the admin 'Settle the Account' and clears the pending settlement of the first user. The checks are delivered bi-monthly after deducting the commission.

* and ** when available