» This site is an online exchange service where you can access details about unwanted or surplus items and view requests for wanted goods. Its main aim is to help you to get rid of your unwanted items and enable you to find goods that others no longer need - all at no cost.

This site is a complete barter system that allows you to exchange items with, or sell items to, other internet users. It allows you to search or browse for specific items offered for swap or sale. You can swap any unwanted items from your home or business with others who may have use for them. You can also post requests for items you wish.

As well, barter is the facilitation of B2B transactions without cash. The digital currency, Baratars, is used to purchase goods and services from other members of baratar.com network. Members earn Baratars by providing goods and services to other members. This way, you cut out the middleman, buying goods at cost.

Baratar benefits your cash-flow as it is your business tool enabling you to purchase without cash.

Search/browse through the extensive list of categories, find items that may be useful for you, make offers, wait for the other party to respond by accepting or rejecting your offer, add comments, swap and enjoy!

Thus with the minimum effort, you can swap, sell or buy stuff from other people via the internet.

» You may have items which you may no longer need, wasting your household space and things you might be thinking of how to get rid of. Why throw to the recycle bin, there may be somebody who is in need of it very badly. This site is useful for swapping stuff you don't want, or simply sell it to someone who does want it!

You are not committed to anything until both you and a second party (ie the other swapper/buyer) agree to proceed with the deal - you can withdraw an item at any time right up to this point without obligation or commitment.

Why Register with this site?

In order to sell and leave postings we need you to complete the short registration form. The information collected by this site will solely be used for activities that accommodate the swapping, bartering or sale of items between users of the site.
Whilst you can search and browse without registering, if you want to swap, buy or sell, you will need to register.

Becoming a member with baratar.com is free and it will always be.

» In order to create a listing, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, you will notice Add Sale/ Add Swap/ Add Wish links in the 'My Booth' section. Click on the appropriate link and enter all the information to create your listing.

What types of files can I upload as an image for my listing?

We recommend uploading a gif, a jpeg or a png file when posting a picture. These file types are usually small and will work with our system quite well.

Do I have any obligations?

Your obligations are set out in the site's Terms and Conditions which you have read as part of your registration.

In brief, the items offered must be legal and non-offensive to even a small number of people, and must be your property to offer.

You have no obligation to complete a swap or sale unless both you and another party have confirmed you want to go ahead with the deal, at which point you both MUST proceed as you entered an agreement whose terms must be respected. Otherwise, you can withdraw from a deal at any time up to this point.

» In order to contact a user about an item, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, select the item you are interested in and click on it. You will then notice a link in the listing that says "Make Offer" Click on this link, enter the details of your offer and the comments/message to the user. Please note that making an offer is the first step to go ahead with the deal.

» When your first transaction opportunity is identified, you purchase online the service/goods you require and your account is debited with the relevant amount of Baratars while the vendors account is credited. Each month the first 10 transactions for swap/sale are free of transaction fee. All other transactions incur as follows;

A. All transactions that involve Baratars are undertaken online on baratar.com.

B. When both parties confirm for the swap/sale therefore entering an enforceable contract, baratar.com reveals the contact details of the other party, and the deal should be handled (ship goods, verify etc) external to the system.

» We are proud to have a strict policy against unsolicited bulk e-mail and against sharing e-mail addresses with third parties.

» Your obligations are set out in the site's Terms and Conditions that you have read as part of your registration.

The articles and services (from hereon called Items) that are offered must be legal and non-offensive to even a small number of people, and must be your property to offer.

If you and another party offer to enter into a barter transaction of an Item, neither you nor the other party have any obligation to complete the respective transaction unless both you and the other party have confirmed you want to go ahead with the deal. Before the agreement point, you and/or the other party could withdraw from the deal.
If you and the other party agreed with the terms of the trade, than you and the other party have the obligation to proceed with the respective transaction.

If you offer to sell an Item and you ask for the payment to be done in cash-only or respectively in baratars - only (our network digital currency) than you have the obligation to proceed and sell it to the first buyer you received the payment from.

If you offer to sell an Item and you ask for the payment to be done through a combination of cash and “baratars” than you have first to negotiate and agree with the buyer the exact amount of cash and respectively baratars you want to receive as payment. Once you and the buyer agreed and confirmed the payment than both of you have the obligation to proceed with the transaction.

If you offer to buy an Item, once you have accepted a price asked by the seller, you have the obligation to proceed with the respective transaction.

Please note once the seller got the confirmation from the buyer that the asking price and form of payment is accepted, it is considered that the agreement resulted represents an enforceable contract.

» Users members of baratar.com must abide by the Terms of Use and are forbidden to post any items which are:
1. Stolen, counterfeited or fraudulent;
2. Offensive, obscene, abusive, indecent or defamatory;
3. Infringe any third party copyright, patent, trade mark, trade secret or any other proprietary rights;
4. Not in control or legal possession of the offered article at the time of listing;
5. Illegal, unauthorised, questionable or may breach any applicable laws;
6. Dangerous or hazardous items;
7. Coupons for any illegal or banned items.

» What are Baratars?
The Baratar is a digital currency that can be used to balance the difference in the value of goods and services exchanged only on baratar.com. They can be used as main currency in direct exchanges and combined with monetary currency (dollar).

How can I get Baratars?
To purchase Baratars you can access 'My Booth' and then you can select, on the left side of the menu, "Buy Baratars". Choose the number of Baratars you need and then continued shopping through PayPal or other forms of payments available. The minimum purchase is 5 Baratar for 5 dollars. The exchange rate is 1:1 or 1 Baratar for 1 dollar. This is a fixed exchange rate and it will always remain that way.

Are Baratars redeemable in monetary units?
Baratars can only be used in transactions between members of baratar.com. The digital currency (Baratar) is not redeemable and can never be exchanged in monetary units.

How can I use Baratars?
Once you decide on an item and / or a service you wish to purchase you can "Make Offer" to the owners of the goods and/or services concerned, including Baratars in your offer. You can use Baratars you already have and/or also, if desired, you can ask another member of baratar.com to transfer you a number of Baratars. The Baratars are transferable only among members of baratar.com.

How long I can use Baratars?
Baratars are in use all the time, provided the user is a member of baratar.com. The Baratars never expire for the entire membership with baratar.com. If you decide to cancel your membership with baratar.com before closing your account, you have to spend all Baratars in this account or transfer them to another member of baratar.com. Once your account is closed, the unused Baratars cannot be used again.

» An important aspect why baratar.com is different from any other online service of its kind has to do with the commission and fee structure.

Most companies providers of barter services charge an initiation fee between $395 and $595. As well they charge a commission of 6-7% per each transaction so in any point a completed trade would total a 12-14% commission from both participants. More, these companies charge a monthly fee of around $60 per member. Some companies charge an annual fee of about $100 per each member.

Bellow is the complete list with all the commissions and fees for the services in use on baratar.com. The use of this site requires you agree with this payment structure. All commissions and fees are payable in Baratars and monetary units.

Initiation: Free.

Membership: Free.

Transaction: Free for the first 10 transactions each month; $2 per each transaction over the first 10 each month (which are free).

Listing: Free for articles listed with a price bellow $300 each;
2% for articles listed with a price between $300.01 - $1000;
1.8% for articles listed with a price between $1000.01 - $5000 and
1% for articles with a listing price higher than $5000.

» Are you tired of this? Working hard to sell your merchandise on websites, only to see your hard earned money has been taken away from you due to high listing fees and etc... Well, Baratar encourages our members to sell on our site. We present to you, our cash back Sales Rewards Program.

As a member of Baratar, you could start earning cash back when you sell items on our site. Because we credit back to our Sellers 50% of our commission for listing an item to the site, as cash back bonuses on all completed sales over $1000. This is simply our way of showing our appreciation towards you because, we believe, You Are the Sales Associate!

Although, we provide you with the tools needed to sell on baratar.com, the best tool we can provide you with is MOTIVATION.
Whether you are an experienced internet Seller, or a beginner, with minimal effort this program will work for anyone. While other sites are busy reaping the benefits from Sellers we are busy building shared interest with our Associates. We promise you, you will love our cash back Sales Rewards Program, and you can take that to the bank!

» Baratar can be used to build your website, get your branding and PR sorted, advise you on networking and source you your first clients. Our crew will work closely with you to support you with all your needs.

Is barter a solution in all situations?

Barter is excellent for businesses offering high margin goods and services. There are situations where it would be beneficial if the transaction were conducted partly in cash, partly in barter. Businesses where margins are very low and individual transaction amounts are high may not benefit if the transaction is conducted 100% on barter. This is because the business will have a cash outflow to procure the raw materials and the sale will be in digital currency (Baratars). If the raw materials can be sourced on Baratar, then the transaction would benefit the business.

If obsolete stock can be sold on Baratar then the margins are irrelevant and the business will benefit from barter.

Does Baratar allow part cash/part barter transactions?

Yes, it does. The preference is for transactions to be conducted 100% in barter. However, there are certain transactions which need to be conducted on a part cash / part barter basis to ensure the transaction is beneficial both parties, considering gross margins and cash outlays.

» It depends on the nature and frequency of your transactions.

Tax agencies provides information on tax implication involving barter transactions. We strongly suggest you consult your accountant for more information.